Company: TIBROC
Product: CF-40 Radio Controlled Concrete Finisher

When Tibroc's President, Chris Corbitt, approached Bill Bogan of B2 Design, he had a folder full of hand drawn sketches, the only documentation for his recently designed concrete finisher. He had spent three years refining his concept through iterative prototyping and now it was time to "go to market." To do so, Tibroc needed production ready documentation, and images for data sheets and marketing collateral.

In discussing the project, B2 Design demonstrated how, through solid modeling, it could provide quality assurance - checking form, fit, and function; accelerate the revision and drawing process, and provide kinematic review of mechanism behavior before committing to new parts.

Chris saw the benefits immediately, but Tibroc had already created the prototype parts. However, additional design refinement needed to be done. Also, there was the benefit of solid models easily being used to provide photo real images for design reviews, presentations, and later as product imagery for their website, data sheets, and marketing collateral.

All of these things were what Tibroc was hoping to achieve, but did not realize that it could be provided from one source, B2 Design. The business relationship not only made good sense, it ensured things would get off to a good start with Tibroc's revolutionary new product. Eventually, it made good business sense to have B2 Design provide Tibroc with complete engineering services - conceptual design, solid modeling, production drawing creation, and product imagery.

The above images were created using the Inventor models and rendering in 3ds max (top) and Presenter3D.

For more information about Tibroc and their products see Tibroc's website.